Cecilia Moglia

Favourite wine:Gavi di Gavi Favourite Da Noi dish: Truffle filled Ravioli with Toma Cheese

Born and raised in Chieri, a little town in Piedmont known for their “sweet focaccia”, she studied in various hospitality schools while she started entering the culinary world of restaurants. Her passion for wine has always existed from the first moments she helped her grandfather bottling up at only 5 years old in the attic.

Her passion for cooking and baking, especially desserts, grew more and more thanks to many chefs that taught her the art of Italian cuisine through the years. In 2018 she started a new field of study with AIS, that will enable her to become a recognised Sommelier. She arrived in Chester in January 2020 and just after 2 months she became part of Da Noi’s team.