Fabrizio Gobbato

Fabrizio is the mind behind the Da Noi project. Native of Turin, North-West of Italy, he has developed as an engineering manager in Italy and in England. He is currently attending and MBA within Herion-Watt Edinburgh business school. His vision is of an Italian hospitality linked to tradition, authenticity and quality. He wants Da Noi to be the leading example of how simplicity, practicality and taste can make a brand succeed.

“Let taste do the talking. I admit sight is the first sense used at a restaurant but more often than not it takes over with chefs nowadays. They become obsessed creating a portrait on a plate-the risk is what it tastes like ulimately won’t make sense..”.

Fabrizio also currently works at Bentley in Crewe but regardless, you’ll also find him at Da Noi every day no matter what!