2020 UK and Ireland Michelin Guide.. DA NOI IS IN!

Incredible news. Da Noi is an official recommended 2020 Michelin Guide restaurant from October 7th, 2019!

I want to share with all the readers our immense joy as this comes after only a year in the business. We know the road is long for us and a lot of hard work has got to be put in to confirm to the demanding public that we are up for the great heights, however allow me to celebrate this fantastic achievement.

In January this year we were visited by one of the managers at lunch, after only four months from our Italian restaurant opening. I don’t know his name but I want to thank him. He gave us focus and awareness, and strength to go the extra mile all the time.

Nothing changes for us – only more and more desire to deliver our promise. Let us take you through the real taste of the great Italian food at Da Noi.

Da Noi’s Michelin guide entry link below: